What is NearBuys?

NearBuys is the freshness, sense of discovery, and convenience of offers you find shopping a lively open-air marketplace - virtually.

We’re the platform for local vendors of fresh food, products, services, things to do and more to broadcast what they want, where they want, when they want, which means consumers are greeted with authentic nearby real-time offers wherever you are. Browse, search, speak with vendors, haggle, and discover in real-time what’s offered in your area virtually. We’ve taken the timeless open-air marketplace model and updated this for our modern on-the-go life.

Open NearBuys and receive authentic real-time offers (in push notifications) directly from local vendors wherever you are, whenever. NearBuys doesn’t create broadcasts, the vendors do, and now they have the platform to offer what they have, where they want, to consumers in real-time. This immediacy solves the problem of selling anything perishable on hand including any kind of food, newly available and same-day services, upcoming things to do, goods that absolutely must be sold now, as freshly as possible in a virtual format to the benefit of both consumers and sellers.

Create your
NearBuys Account today

and begin broadcasting offers in minutes:

Secure transactions and payment processing.

Broadcast manually or if you prefer, set your offerings at scheduled times and NearBuys does the rest.

Manage your account from anywhere- and so much more…

Set offers local or nationwide with the push of a button.

Send consumers to your site or platform of choice.


  • Fill out the form with your relevant info.
  • Make sure you’ve read NearBuys Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Submit the form, our Admin double-checks your account.
  • Wait for a validation email!

Then, in your NearBuys Account:

  • Add photos and video of your offers.
  • Choose your thumbnail images.
  • Add your listing and business descriptions, site address, etc.,
  • Add your inventory and pricing.
  • Set up delivery, pick-up and shipping terms if applicable.
  • Broadcast, schedule, or save your offers.
  • And as always, we're to help!

Why NearBuys is “Broadcasting- Liberated”



With NearBuys, offers are created entirely by individual vendors before they themselves broadcast their best deals straight to you. Know there is a real person who’s ready to help, directly behind every single offer.


Receive only actionable real-time offers sent by vendors selling in your current locale for their freshest deals for food, goods, services, things-to-do and more, then make purchases directly- or enjoy the explore.


NearBuys is an open marketplace and used by vendors of every size, which means you’ll likely find more different types of offers broadcast here then you can on any one shopping app alone.


NearBuys is where vendors broadcast offers to consumers independently, saying what they want, when they want and where they want. And, in selling this way, what’s old is new again.

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